Netbook Freeware is a free software website that is dedicated to freeware for netbooks. Netbooks have been gaining lot of popularity lately, primarily because of their low cost, and also small size. However, the software needs for netbook are different than a normal PC because:

  • Netbook normally has a lower power processor (Intel Atom) that a laptop or desktop.
  • Screen size of netbook is normally very small as compared to even a laptop.
  • Netbooks normally lack CD/DVD drive.
  • Netbooks sometimes have lesser disk space – though many of the netbooks now are coming with pretty huge disks.

All these factors mean that a software that runs great on a laptop or desktop might not be a good choice for a netbook. For that reason, we thought of setting this website to review free software that are fit for netbooks.

So, if you are looking for a free software for your netbook, NetbookFreeware.com would be a good place to start. We review new software regularly. If you do not want to visit our website regularly, subcribe to our free updates.

Who Are Us?

Netbook Freeware is a collaboration between 2 renowned tech bloggers:

Ishan: Founder of Netbook Freeware; Ishan has been blogging about free software for quite some time. His first venture in Freeware blogging was his website ILoveFreeSoftware, that has become hugely popular. Then he decided to setup a dedicate website for freeware about netbook, and NetbookFreeware was born. You can contact him on:

Mezanul: Mezanul is Managing Editor of Netbook Freeware, and an avid fan of Technology. His first tryst with tech blogging was his tech website My Technology Guide. This website already has hundreds of followers in the short time it has been out there. You can contact him on: