Amazing Software update Manager with Soft4Boost Update Checker

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Soft4Boost Update Checker is a free utility software that scans your computer for out dated software and informs you of any updates available. The program goes the extra mile to provide a link to the programs homepage where you can download updates.


  • High speed searching and analysis algorithm the looks for out dated software and immediately informs you of the software update info.
  • Compatibility with programs installed on your computer.
  • Customizable interface with up to 12 skins available
  • Multilingual software with support for up to 35 languages

How to keep software update with this freeware

Installation is very simple and quite uneventful except for the part where the installer directs you to its homepage in an attempt to get you to download more freeware from the same publisher.The program’s user interface is very simple-I doubt interfaces get any simpler, all you get is a working area where out dated programs are displayed and two buttons. This makes the program extremely easy to use.

On launching the program sits in the tray until it is opened by double clicking on the tray icon or by selecting Show Window on the context menu. One quite unique thing about the program is that users don’t have to do anything to check for updates, just launch the application and sit back while all the work is done for you. The program automatically searches without prompt for out dated programs and displays their icons and corresponding names. A popup informs you when updates are available for download. Double clicking on any of the icons takes you to the programs homepage where you can download the latest update. Focusing your mouse on the tray icon displays the number of updates available.

Soft4Boost Update Checker interface screenshot

Program settings are accessed by clicking the Settings button. The default skin can be changed by selecting a skin of your choice from 12 possible options in the dropdown.You can also change languages by selecting your preferred language from the 35 available in the language dropdown.You can set the program to open on Windows start up by checking the respective option. Help is available in compiled HTML format and is accessed by clicking Help.

Soft4Boost Update Checker settings


  • Fast and very simple to use
  • Provides a link to download update


  • You can open countless instances of the settings window
  • Program cannot automatically download updates


Soft4Boost Update Checker is a utility tool you need if you are looking for a simple way to keep your software update. To download this application for free click here.

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