Anvi Smart Defender: Free Anti-Malware Software

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Anvi Smart Defender is a smart and powerful tool which can protect your system against all possible attacks from virus, Trojans, Spyware, adware, or any other threats which may come with a malicious software that you might be using. The software comes with a newly designed swordfish engine which scans and detects all the Internet security threats. The scanning process is quick and fast, whereby the process is performed very lightly. The added system optimization function improves the speed of your system especially when it has been clogged up due to unnecessary files and folders. It further provides the cloud scan feature that enhances the PCs capability making it more powerful and efficient.

Installing Anvi Smart Defender

The download file is big as compared to the other anti-malware software you might download online. You can click here to visit Anvi’s official website and download Anvi Smart Defender. The size is approximately 35MB which means you need a pretty good internet connection to download the software in quick time. After you have completed the initial download you need to run the .exe file on your system which would initiate the setup process. The step by step window takes a few minutes after which you are done installing the program on your computer. If you are not satisfied with this software and want to try some more anti-malware software, you can try Comodo BOCleanHitman Pro and RegASSASSIN.

User Interface and Using Avi Smart Defender

The first view which you get to see is an attractive window which has a mix of black and green all over. The three primary options which would be easily visible are the:

  • Quick Scan
  • Full Scan
  • Custom Scan

Anvi Smart Defender

Depending on the option you prefer you could click the respective option and start the scan. Running the Quick scan would start the scan process where it will check your system broadly. If you run the Full Scan the entire system comprising of each and every file gets scanned which surely takes time to complete. The last option is the custom scan where you can customize the files, folders, and the sections on your system which you wish to scan. This option is usually used by the users when they are aware of the suspected area or folder which might be infected.

Anvi Smart Defender scanner

Anvi Smart Defender scan complete

The scan process comes with advanced features as well where you could select the option of automatically repairing the system after the scan process is over. In case you run the Full scan and as expected it would take a long time, for this you may click the option of Shut Down the computer after the scan. This ensures that you need not be around the computer or wait for the scan process to end so that you close your system.

Coming to the other options which the software comes with, you will see four basic options at the top of the window. They are:

  • Scan
  • Cloud Scan
  • Guard
  • Optimize
  • Update

Anvi Smart Defender features

The scan is the basic scan feature as discussed above. In the Cloud Scan you have the option of using the advanced Cloud Scan technology which the software comes with. The Cloud scan technology basically adopts the cloud computing technology for delivering a powerful protection for your PC.

The Fourth Tab named Guard provides you the option to select or dis select the protection which you would like to use from this particular software. You may select the Full Guard option if you wish to use all the protection features the software comes with. Under the Optimize tab you could optimize your system, apply registry fixes, perform privacy cleaning, or clean up your RAM for an enhanced performance of your system. You can modify individual settings as well by clicking on the settings option against each of functions. After you are ready to start the clean up process click on the Scan option below and the rest would be taken by the software. However when it finds a few errors it would ask you to click on the repair option, clicking on which will clean up all the errors present on the system.

Anvi Smart Defender optimizer

Finally the update tab gives you the option to update the software from time to time. Moreover with the update feature you will also be provided with free email and forum support by the developers. To download this application click here.

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