Beautify Twitter Timeline with Pretweetify Firefox Extension

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Pretweetify is a free Firefox extension that beautifies your Twitter timeline. It shows icons of Twitter users in round manner instead of square, shows time of tweets nicely, and lets you do everything that you would on normal Twitter interface. The best part is that it adds Tweet box also to your Twitter timeline, so you can tweet easily while viewing your timeline.

Once you install Pretweetify on Firefox, you don’t need to do anything else. Just go to, as you normally would, and VOILA!, you would see a much beautiful timeline of Twitter than what you are normally used to. Pretweetify works in the background and beautifies your Twitter timeline without requiring anything on your part.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the Twitter timeline looks much nicer once you have this Firefox extension for Twitter installed. In addition, notice the tweet box on the left side of the timeline. This ensures that you can easily tweet while viewing the timeline. Of course, Twitter also lets you do that by clicking on Tweet button on top right corner, but Pretweetify saves that one extra click. Not a big deal, but just extra convenient.

In terms of features, Pretweetify does not adds any other functionality to Twitter. However, it doesn’t takes away anything else as well. So, all the features that Twitter provides are still available. You can click on any tweet to expand it, see inline media, and reply to a tweet or retweet it. All these are native features of Twitter that Pretweetify leaves as it is. Only thing it adds is that it makes the timeline beautiful and adds Tweet box to Twitter timeline.

Get Pretweetify here.

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