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Ciuvo is a free browser addon which is a dream come true for all the shopaholics out there because while the users are browsing through the items that they are interested in buying Ciuvo is gonna search for other sellers which are offering the same item for a lower price. A large number of stores is supported, Ciuvo is gonna activate automatically as soon as you open up one of numerous supported online stores.


What you see on the image above is Ciuvo in action. We have an item opened on Amazon and as soon as we opened it we were informed that there are sellers which are offering this same item for almost 50 Euros cheaper. Toolbar at the top will report back as practically the very instant after you open up an item that you’re interested in viewing. Price comparison and money saving isn’t the only feature that Ciuvo has, you can also get:

  • Coupon and voucher search is included – if any are you’ll know about it
  • You’ll be notified about items which are currently on sale
  • Optional special offers notifications in search engines
  • Support for almost 2000 different online stores – German, UK and US
  • Available for Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer

Usually when you’d be shopping for something you would have to check if there are cheaper sellers somewhere manually, by searching through the entire online store. This can be a tedious task, especially if you’re buying something that’s very popular, like for example a laptop, which has hundreds if not thousands of sellers. Sometimes people aren’t even willing to do check if there’s a cheaper seller, but now you can do that automatically with Ciuvo.

How to compare prices and find cheaper sellers with Ciuvo

First step would be to install the extension for you browser, which isn’t difficult, all the major ones are supported. After the installation is complete, you can open up your favorite online store to see if it’s supported, if it’s not you can contact the developer and ask them to add your site to the list.


If the website is supported you should be able to see the Ciuvo toolbar, with any luck there should be message saying that coupons or special offers were found, like we have on the image above. Next step would be to look up for products that you are interested in buying.


In case that the item which you’ve opened already is the cheapest, you’re gonna receive a message with the price of the next best offer. Mouse hover over the offer tab in the toolbar will activate the list of all of the same items and their prices and that’s about it. Don’t forget to check coupons.


Complete list of supported stores can be found on the Ciuvo website. Open it up and there you should be able to find alternatives to the online stores that you frequently visit, if they are not supported by Ciuvo. This extension if free so make sure to try it out and see how much you can save by comparing prices. To download this add-on click here.

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