11 responses to “Ubuntu Netbook Remix: Best Free OS for Netbooks”

  1. enecabe

    I’ve already seen that interface on the Jolicloud OS.

  2. robert

    yes, it’s quite cool.
    but driver is a big problem. so after long time insist, i unistalled it finally

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  7. max

    i do a lot of surfing and since I discovered ubuntu 10.04 amd64 I now never use xp in my desktop computer to browse. The way fonts appear and the design of ubuntu makes my pc experience so fun. I can of feel like using android for pc.
    while I hate to think of the fact that there are quite many inconveniences such as many programs and such. Since I use internet 98% of the time for just browsing and reading, for me it makes perfect sense. i just wish there was an easy way to boot multiple OS;s ynder one pc. wubi is nice i just don’t trust that it works great since it crashed on me more than one occasion.

  8. Adam

    I’ve just tried Ubuntu For Netbook 10.10. It was pain to install, takes a very long time to boot, often stalls during boot, when it actually boots it’s slower than Windows XP and very unstable. Netbook: Toshiba MB205.

  9. Nick

    Tired of being treated like a sheep by commercial mainstream os producers. Turn functionality on and off as they please everytime you buy a new pc. I need to give this a try only problem is you need time. I don’t have time to read endless wooleygobble on site after site.

  10. mac

    loved 10.04 but10.10 is sluggish and the side panel is a bad move,some sort of auto hide would be handy but even then it’s not for me on notebooks, or any other small screen units.In short too slow and not very user handy.

  11. Nick

    Ubuntu can make you cry out of frustration. Its such a pain thats why microsoft doesn’t care they will still be smiling to the bank and back for many years to come. I don’t see a project like ubuntu making a difference in my lifetime.

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