8 responses to “Best Free Browser for Netbook: Google Chrome”

  1. Launchy: Free App Launcher for Netbooks

    […] of your netbook, and includes them in your search results. Launchy even indexes bookmarks of your browser, so you can even launch your favorite sites quickly with […]

  2. Anonymouse

    Read the EULA carefully. Using Chrome gives Google rights over your online data, including the ability to deny you access to it, for any reason. So what happens if they decide to start charging a fee to use it a year from now after a lot of your critical data is online? It could mean pay up or say bye-bye to all of it. Also pay careful attention to what information they will track, and how it will be used to analyze you and market to you. Google is all about advertising $ now. Read all the privacy policy pages clearly, and think the statements there through carefully. Scary stuff. I think I will pass.

  3. billy

    i have tried about all of them and Safari is the best browser for netbook
    its fast and works on pogo.com which the others wont

  4. greece

    Although everything about this browser is great i abandoned the use of it just for the simple reason of it CRASHING too OFTEN.Back to Avant which I used to use.

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  6. John

    Can’t say any of them are perfect. I like IE8 because I just hit F11 to get full screen. I guess Firefox does that too. Im with those that think Chrome is just half baked yet. I have tried it but each time I have site rendering issues and if I have to go back to another browser all the time for those sites. Why use Chrome? I don’t really blame the browsers its the small screen of the Netbook that is the issue. Non of them work really fast and that’s because the Atom CPU and the lame Intel graphics simply are not enough for a modern OS.

  7. ThinVNC: HTML5 Based Windows Remote Desktop Application for Netbooks

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