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OmmWriter is a free fullscreen text editor for Mac, PC and iPad who’s main goal is to make sure that the user is completely focused on the text that he or she is witting without being distracted by everything that can distract a user when witting on the computer, which is practically everything, internet browser especially.OmmWritter default window

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By having a fullscreen text editor, chances are significantly lower that something is gonna cause us to avert our eyes from the text that we’re working on, because we’re gonna be completely immersed into what we’re doing. Concentration is the key when it comes to work, sadly today it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on work, because of all the different entertainment options available. On the image above we can see the fullscreen editor opened, and as you can see it’s pretty minimalistic and the best thing is that it gets even more minimalistic:

OmmWritter writting text

When you start typing text inside OmmWriter and after a few moments passes, everything that you see around the text field on the first image above will disappear, you’ll only see what you see on the second image, a very elegant background and text, nothing else. The menu will pop up only when you start using the mouse.

Free fullscreen text editor – OmmWriter

Moving the mouse around will show you the options which are normally hidden when the mouse is not in use, when you’re only typing. The reason for hiding menus is also so that they don’t distract the user, because there are some very useful things with which you can play, you can:

  • Change font type
  • Increase or decrease the size of the font
  • Change background image and color
  • Select audio and visual effects

Last feature which comes with OmmWriter is probably the most interesting to people. You can activate various audio and video effects while working, for example if you need to drown out the outside noise, you can put on your headphones and simply play and audio effect which should help you focus more, but these features will cost you extra, because they are only available in the paid version of OmmWriter.

OmmWritter text box menu

The size of the text box can be changed, notice the transformation handles on the image above, and the menu with options mentioned before is located right of the text box. As you type the text will gonna be automatically wrapped, so don’t worry, it will not disappear somewhere on the side as you type.


Backgrounds used in OmmWriter is what you will be looking at most of the time, next to the text and the typing cursor. Those who are interested in keeping focus on what they are doing, and not opening up various programs and websites on the side, should really look into OmmWriter. Employers who are managing writers should also consider checking out what this free fullscreen writer has to offer, you just might increase productivity of your workers, which meas more profit and of course the workers have more free time, since they finish the work quicker. Click here to download it.

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