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There’s no mystery when it comes to what exactly it is that Free PDF Image Extractor does. It’s a free program that you can use in order to extract images from PDF documents. It’s not that uncommon to find PDF documents which are made up entirely from images, and if you are interested in extracting them from the document you don’t have to do it manually, with Free PDF Image Extractor you can do that automatically, in just a few mouse clicks.


Image that you see above is what waits for you when you run Free PDF Image Extractor. The interface is very easy to understand, and you can see right away that there are three methods of how PDF files can be added to the program so that images can be extracted from them.

  • Add file per file
  • Add entire folders where PDF files are located
  • Import pre-made PDF file lists

PDF documents will have to be added to the program list before images can be extracted from them. Batch PDF image extraction is therefore possible, since you can add several files and have images extracted from them automatically. Let’s see what kind of options exactly we have to configure before image extraction can begin.

Extracting images from PDF files with Free PDF Image Extractor

Like we already mentioned the first step is to add files to the main program list. The easiest way of doing that would be by simply clicking on the central field or dragging and dropping the PDF files on the central program area. After doing that you should see something very similar to this:


If you added a folder with PDF documents then all the files that are in that folder will be listed, same thing goes for the list option. With the files listed you can start image extraction right away, but it’s best that you first have a look at the conversion options:


where you will find useful additional options, main one of which would be the one where you can tell the program to create separate directories for each one of the PDF files from where files are being extracted, so that images from different folders are not mixed together. At the bottom of the options you can set the program to extract JPG images as JPG images without changing them in any way. The most important option would be the one that can be found at the top, the Output folder setting. Make sure that you remember where you’ve placed the output folder, so that you don’t have to look for it later on. Clicking on Start Conversion will start the process and very soon you should see something to this in your folder:


and you’re done. Very simple program to use, there are literally just three steps that you need to do, open files, choose the settings and then click a button to start image extraction. Free PDF Image Extractor will save you a lot of time, so make sure to try it out if you need to extract images from PDF documents. To download this free application click here.

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