Free Video Accelerator: Leawo Video Accelerator

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Leawo video accelerator is a fully packed free video accelerator which accelerates video playback and gives you an awesome video download speed. The name Video accelerator is not enough for this software. It very well performs other functions like Video conversion, video download, video management etc. This video accelerator is one of a kind software which allows you to perform all these functions.


This video accelerator includes 3 tabs which allows you to perform all these functions. These tabs are Browse, video and convert.

  • Browse tab is just like a browser, it allows you to open new tabs, type in the URL and search for your favorite video. Video can be viewed on the website itself like, for example you can open streaming videos on the inbuilt browser of video accelerator and watch video there itself, like you normally watch them on your browser. The best thing is that it automatically creates a list of viewed videos, and shows the download pop up for each video which you select or watch online on any website. For downloading all the videos shown in the list within the browse tab, check all the videos and click the green download arrow on top of the list.


  • Video tab allows you to manage video which you downloaded or just played online. Video tab also includes an in-built FLV player which allows you to play the videos. You will find a video list within this video tab which shows you the video title, video length, file size and URL. Within the video tab there are several categories to which you can add your downloaded videos.


  • Convert tab is the video converter section of this video accelerator. Video conversion is performed within this tab. Inbuilt video converter within this video accelerator is powerful and supports almost all the formats compatible to several devices. It includes common video formats, HD video formats, and formats compatible to devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, PS3, Windows mobile, Xbox, etc. Covert tab also shows the list of videos converted to any of the available formats. It automatically creates its own custom folder to save all your downloaded and converted stuffs.

This video accelerator even comes with few general settings, auto recording settings, and settings option for connection and sound.

Some Key Features Of This Free Video Accelerator:

  • Easy to use video accelerator
  • Simple and straightforward user interface.
  • In-built browser for searching and watching videos online.
  • Download videos faster with the help of in-built downloader.
  • Powerful converter that supports all the widely used format.
  • Manage videos in a systematic manner with the help of video manager.
  • In-built FLV player to watch videos.

How To Download And Install This Free Video Accelerator :

  • Visit the homepage of this free video accelerator and click the download now link.
  • An exe file of this video accelerator will be downloaded into your system.
  • Run that exe file and follow simple step by step process of installation.

Leawo free video accelerator is one of the smartest all in one video accelerator which allows you to playback, download, manage and convert videos with  ease. This video accelerator gives you a good download speeds. Download and try this software for free.

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