Minus: Online File Sharing Application

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Minus is a simple online service that allows you to share files online.  It operates as a community website and offers online file sharing for free.  The user can easily upload images, documents, audio, videos, and files over and share with others. Whatever you share, goes directly to your feed and displayed publicly on your profile.

At Minus online file sharing application the user gets complete control regarding privacy of his/her files and folders.  The users with concern regarding privacy of data can keep their files and folders private. Let us have a look over the features and functionalities of this application to share files online.

Getting Started Over Minus Online File Sharing Application:

Visiting the website, you will be shown some very unique online images by different users. I must admit that most of the images there were very beautiful and attractive. To become a part of Minus, you will need to fill a simple signup form. Alternatively, login via twitter or Facebook can also be performed. After a successful, login you will be taken to your feed URL (http://[username].minus.com/).

How To Perform Online File Sharing At Minus:

To share files online you will need to utilize a form available in the dashboard.

Minus Interface

You can utilize the easy drag & drop interface to upload and share file over your feed. Instead of using form, you can provide an online open URL to share files. Generally, it is faster and efficient sharing in comparison to simple file Upload.  It is suggested that you perform the tagging and set the privacy beforehand. The time required for uploading will be influenced by available bandwidth and file size. Do not close the webpage in-between, otherwise uploading will stop. You may also read our post on Banckle online file sharing application.

The Final Verdict:

There  are many online file sharing applications, but Minus has a unique touch of being social. Whichever public file the user shares, gets displayed online over his/her public feed. Minus is an instant, simple and free online applications to share files online. you must consider giving it a try … * The user can also try the Minus‘s desktop and mobile apps for quick and easy sharing. Also, make sure not to violate any law while sharing file over minus.

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