Scheduled File and Folder Manipulations with Hygeia

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Hygeia is a free task scheduling application which focuses for the most part on file and folder organization and manipulation, of course organization according to the guidelines that you set when configuring the task list that’s gonna be executed. Next to file data organization, Hygeia also features automatic Facebook image uploader and a module for finding and deleting old files, which were not accessed in a very long time.


After you run Hygeia it’s gonna start running in the system tray, where it’s gonna be running and monitoring all the time. First thing that’s gonna popup for you is the Getting started window which you can see on the image above. This is not the actual interface of the application, but it can be used for quick setup of some of the most important task scheduling functions that Hygeia has to offer:

  • File and folder manipulation – copying, moving, deleting, recycling
  • Music collection organization – based on author, genre, song name and so on
  • Automatic Facebook image and photo uploading
  • Detecting and deleting of old files

To use Hygeia the most important thing would be setting up the task rules, for which you’re gonna have to call up the actual program interface by left clicking on the tray icon.

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How to setup Hygeia – free task scheduler

There are some similarities between the getting started wizard and the actual program interface. You should see three icons at the top of the window. First one is for determining the rules and actions that Hygeia is gonna follow when manipulating files and folders.

Image above shows the Rules and Actions window where we have already added a rule in which files that have .jpeg and .jpg extensions are gonna be monitored. The next step after this one would be choosing what kind of actions are gonna be performed. This is done in the Actions tab:


As you can see we’ve decided to schedule a task where images and photos from a specific folder are gonna be automatically uploaded to Facebook. In order for this to work you’re gonna have to connect to your Facebook account, you can do that at the bottom part of the main application window. Other actions that Hygeia can do are:

  • Copy
  • Move
  • Delete
  • Recycle
  • Open File
  • Image Resize
  • Add to playlist
  • Add to ignore list or
  • Ask before processing

Last option is gonna ask you what exactly you’d like to do with the files that fit the selected criteria made in rules. Once that all this is done, on the main menu open up the middle icon, the one called Folder.

Here you’ll need to select the folder that’s gonna be monitored, we selected the My Pictures folder since that’s where our images are stored, if you have them elsewhere, open that location instead. The created Rules and Actions are gonna be listed down below, and you need to select the ones that are gonna apply for this folder. Click OK when you’re done, and that’s it, program is gonna monitor the selected folders and upload images to Facebook automatically. Hygeia application is free, so download it and start scheduling file manipulation tasks or uploading photos to Facebook automatically.


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