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Universal Viewer is a free advanced file viewer which supports popular document, image, multimedia, PDF, internet, etc file formats. With the continuous and fast advancement in digital and software technology, new applications get introduced into the market more than ever before. While the increase of application-development has lead to provision of multiple options for users, it has a downside too. To avoid such botheration Universal Viewer is the solution. This free file viewer allows working on a file while the specific application for the file-type is not installed.


Installing Universal Viewer 

In order to install this free file viewer, you need to click on the link here and click on the download button. Being about 10MB in size the file would take a couple of minutes to get downloaded on your system after which you need to run the setup procedure. Once you are done installing the software on your computer you can proceed to use it by launching it from the desktop shortcut. You can also try Free OpenerFree Online PDF Viewer and DropDo reviewed by us.

Using Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is a free advance file viewer and supports almost all types of formats. If you regularly work on images then Universal Viewer is what you need as it supports more than 40 file-formats, including the popular ones such as JPG, BMP, PNG, WMF, etc. It supports over 170 formats of multimedia apart from the AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, etc. leaving virtually no multimedia format that you have to be concerned about.

Officers who work on documents, Universal Viewer supports PDF, RTF and DOC, DOCX of MS Word and XLS, XLSX of MS Excel. Text encoders such as Unicode or UTF-8 along with other major encoding are supported too. Universal Viewer allows you to open files as large as 4 GB. To top it all, all file formats supported by Total Commander Lister plug-in are also supported by this file converter.


The functions of Universal Viewer are simple and easy to understand. Appropriate implementation of graphics and words make its functions clear to understand. The convertor opens a simple window with all the features that it has and a help option for any assistance required by you.

The first four options allows you to open, save, rename or delete any file on the system.  You can save any file to any location, make changes to it or completely delete without the need to have the required software in your machine. The two green arrows help to jump from current file to the precious one or the next one. Thus, the basic documents functions have are available at the first few options.

Different modes and views of a file can be chosen from the top ‘view’ and ‘mode’ option. The specific functions of Universal Viewer are available under ‘options’ tab at the top.  You can configure the settings of Universal Viewer, configure plug-ins and user tools, customise convertor toolbar and save the position of the window. All these options actually help you to customise Universal Viewer to suit your working style.


The real depth and vastness of this file convertor can be found in its ‘settings’ window. You will find seemingly endless customisation and configuration options under ‘Universal Viewer settings’.  Adjust the interface according to your use or make some ’miscellaneous’ changes to the settings, the application seems all yours. You can choose any language from the long list of 31 languages provided with the drop-down. However, English and Russian are the recommended languages. Besides, it the ‘file types’ options provides the list of supported file formats to you to select the appropriate one. Similarly, ‘text’ and ‘multimedia’ allows choosing the text font and medium-adjustment. Most importantly, with the help of ‘History’ you can completely delete all the activities that you did on Universal Viewer. All this does not come alone with the software; it has detailed help section too.


One cannot consider this free file viewer complete until it efficiently and satisfactorily provides assistance to its users. Universal Viewer has ‘Help’ in such detail that very few other application provide. Even the assistance is categorised as online help and content available with the software. With such effective functionality and vast information-base, Universal Viewer is indeed one of the few best file converters available in the market. All these become more convenient to have on one’s computer through free availability of Universal Viewer. To download this application click here.


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