Virtually Move Your Folders with SymMover

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SymMover is a free file management software which enables you to move folders without damaging the installed software. It might confuse you, it means that although you might change the location of a particular folder the windows explorer would still consider the location of that particular file the same. You can move files virtually using this freeware. While you run this software and move folders from one place to another it creates symbolic links between the source and the destination folders. Which means that you would be running the software or files in the partiular folder as you had been before although it has been transferred from one place to another. The program has especially been built for moving software and games on your system where you may add installed software as well as games in the SymMover’s main window along with moving them between one or more disks. You can easily move your installed apps to anywhere you want using this free file transferring utility without damaging the installed apps.

symMover main screen

Installing SymMover

In order to have this free file management software running on your system you need to visit the download link here and click on the download button. After you do so the link diverts you to the download page and gets installed on your system. Just open the .exe file and install it on your computer. This free file transferring utility is pretty simple and gets installed within minutes. If you are looking for a simple file transferring utility, you can try iMolloDirecTransFile and Dukto reviewed by us.

Using SymMover

Once you have this free file transferring utility installed on your system the next step is to launch the program and start using it. The initial page window when launched would show the terms of use which needs to be accepted in order to proceed and use the software. A big window would appear on your screen with big dual coloured cells divided into two halves. At the centre you have the tabs to all the options which the program comes with.

The options available include Adding, deleting, changing the destination, moving the folders from one folder to another, etc. If you wish to add a program you need to click on the green ”plus” sign appearing at the top of the options. This would open up all the programs installed on the computer and another tab listing down the folders available in the system. You just need to click on the application which you wish to move and click on add folder at the bottom. This would place the program on the left of the main window. You may change the destination of the folder where you wish to save the folders or applications you are looking to move by clicking on the Change Destination option. Now to move the file/program you had selected to the new destination you just need to click on the move the selected folder to the destination option. Once you click on it the transfer process would be initiated.

symMover add

symMover move

Depending on the file size this free file management utility will take its time to move the program or folder from the original location to the destination folder. After the transfer process completes you would see the file moved appearing on the right side of your main window. This signifies that the files have been moved from the original location to the new destination.


The process performed above ensures that the software which has been moved although being located in a new folder appears to be in the same location for the explorer. The screenshot below shows the impact of the steps performed above.


Hence SymMover is an effective tool to help you move your software/games/folders from a drive to another without actually troubling the program from running. Most of you would be wondering how this could help you or why should one use this after all. Well the answer is pretty simple, we all face issues when we have our programs installed in a particular drive which runs out of space. At this moment the only option which is left to us is uninstalling the program and reinstalling it again on the system. However when you have SymMover you do not need to remove the software completely, rather just move the files of the particular program or folder from the old location to a new one. To download this free application click here.

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